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What are InvisiBags by Salsaccessories?

InvisiBags by Salsaccessories are small clip wallets. They are fit credit cards, money, ID or even small/flat keys. Ideal for travelling, dancing or concerts. Clipped to your clothes, the InvisiBags are hidden and you have your hands free for dancing, taking pictures or holding your drink. Everything else (coat, house key etc.) you can give to the cloakroom.


These handmade bags fit credit cards, ID's, money, flat keys and even your wardrobe coupon (to check in all the rest of your stuff).

Put everything in your InvisiBag and then easily clip it to your clothes. How? Check out the "Tips & Tricks" page.

InvisiBags come in different coours and textures. Check out all products here.


InvisiPhone Bags fit your cell phone and have a compartment for your money, credit cards etc. Very useful for travelling, at concerts or parties. These bags are not on stock, they will be produced after your order to fit your cell phone.

Tie me! 

Tie me! Shoelaces come in different colours and textures. The standard lenght (62cm) is suitable to fit the Huus handmade dancing shoes. Other lenghts (or colours) are available on request.